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Lifa Air is a Finnish technology company and a leading expert in clean air. Our position is based on our long experience in the development and manufacture of clean air technologies and products. Our products cover the needs of clean air, from medical face masks and respirators to products and equipment that improve indoor air quality. It is important to us that our product development is constantly working to bring new clean air innovations to the market. Our high-quality products ensure the functioning of society and the occupational safety at all times.

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Our story

Lifa Air was founded in 1988. Since our establishment, we have been a pioneer in the development of services, machines and equipment that enable cleaner and healthier indoor air. Ventilation duct cleaning equipment and methods as well as advanced air filtration solutions are based on almost 30 years of experience and long-term research and development work.

Lifa Air purification equipment has been used widely in commercial field and also by authorities. Nowadays, Lifa Air utilizes the long experience from advanced cleaning technology to produce high-quality medical face masks and respirators.

In China, we have been manufacturing respirators for several years. We started the production of medical face masks and respirators in Finland in April 2020. Through our operations, we are creating jobs and a completely new, viable export-oriented industry in Finland. We supply products e.g. for use by the National Emergency Supply Agency and healthcare professionals.

What drives us

We work for clean breathing air and our operations are guided by quality and environmental systems. Through our work, we want to guarantee the availability of medical face masks and respirators for use by professionals and consumers in all conditions.

We pride ourselves on our expertise, delivery reliability, high quality of our products and our ability to respond to rapidly changing circumstances.

Quality, science, safety, transparency and proactivity are the values that drive us and our professionals forward.

We want to play our part in creating value, work and security for society. It is important to us that each of our employees feels they are doing meaningful work.


We manufacture high-quality respirators and medical face masks, whose quality is ensured by a third-party certification. In addition, our company ensures high quality by testing materials and products in our own test laboratories.

Lifa Air’s products are manufactured in a clean room and are not subjected to any post-processing, but are packaged clean directly from the production line.

It is extremely important to us that each of our products meets international standards and the highest quality expectations. We are a pioneer in our industry. We work systematically to develop our quality, and Lifa Air  has been awarded ISO 9001 certification. In addition, our environmental system is ISO 14001 certified.