6GCool - Personal air purifier


6GCool is a personal air purifier that creates a clean air zone for its user by filtering out air contaminants. The development of the device is based on Lifa Air’s more than 30 years of experience in clean air technologies.

The device is suitable for anyone who wants clean and healthy breathing air no matter where they are. It is light and easy to use, it can be used, for example, hung around the neck when moving or on a table.

The device is the size of a mobile phone and, thanks to its long battery life, is suitable for everyday use. The patented 6G cleaning technology effectively filters airborne contaminants, pollen and other allergens, harmful bacteria and viruses.

The power of the device is based on the patented PECO technology and HEPA filter.

Read more here: www.6GCool.com

6GCool on kevyt ja kooltaan noin matkapuhelimen kokoinen.

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